Curriculum Details

Academic Modules

Graduate students in Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (MBMB) program will be trained for academics and transferable skills. The learners can expect to achieve in-depth understanding of key principles and theories in medical biochemistry and molecular biology, as well as opportunities to learn recent advances in systems biology and -omic technologies.

Essential skills and knowledge for conducting scientific and medical research are part of the training. This will be taught by academic staff across the Faculty of Medicine as well as distinguished guest speakers. Topics include; for example, setting research questions and planning scientific projects, information management, scientific writing and presentation, biostatistic, diagnostic statistic test, and ethics in research.

Various research activities will equip learners with transferable skills, problem-solving experience and ability to work through complex problems using appropriate research methodologies, information technology, and teamwork to deliver insight and reliable practical solutions.

Professional Development Training

In addition to academic advancement, the MBMB graduate program was designed to train learners with 21st Century Skills to prepare them for a successful future career. Much of the skill training is integrated into objectives of the academic modules and is reflected in classroom activities and assessment methods. At the start of the first year, the program runs 2-week pre-sessional courses to prepare students with skills for postgraduate study. Students who work in laboratories will also attend Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) training organised by the Research Affairs, Faculty of Medicine, and for those to work with animal, animal trainings and animal ethics by Northeast Laboratory Animal Center plus other relevant training. Students also have opportunities to join trainings organised by the Graduate School and other sectors of Khon Kaen University throughout their degree.

Pre-sessional Course

The pre-sessional course by aims to provide first-year postgraduate students in Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (MBMB) program prior to the commencement of the first semester through a 2-week pre-sessional course consisting of fundamental terms in molecular and cell biology, transferable and English skills.

Learning Skills

Students will learn basic contents in molecular and cell biology which is one of the core subjects for their coursework. In addition, students will have the opportunity to come across some transferable skills including publication search, referencing, avoiding plagiarism, and using MS word-processing software that are all essential for class assignments. Moreover, students will have a chance to learn and practice their English, especially in three main lessons; reading, writing, and speaking that are very important for all academic activities throughout the MBMB program.

Additional Opportunities

For more trainings provided by Khon Kaen University, see the links below. These trainings are often free-to-attend for current students.



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